Carpet Shampoo and Steam Cleaning Service

Clean Carpets, Beautiful Home

Carpet feels nice underfoot, but it’s less durable than other flooring options, due to the soft nature of carpet pile. Over time, this wear and tear shows the carpet’s age and drags down the value of the home property itself. The solution is simple: hire a professional carpet cleaner to safely service your carpet with shampoo and other certified cleaning materials to keep it looking new and fresh year-round.

In-Home Carpet Cleaning in Columbia and the Midlands

When you hire someone to come into your home, you want to know that you can trust them in your space and around your belongings.

Unlike the big box chain stores, Carolina Kwik Dry is a local business that’s run by people who actually live right here in South Carolina.

Since we live in the community that we service, we have the opportunity to get to know our customers on a first-name basis. That’s the kind of trust only a truly local business can provide.

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Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians. Guaranteed Results.

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To get the best results, you need the highest quality service. That’s why we’re certified with the IICRC. Their stamp of approval means that you can trust us to use the right products, materials and equipment, certified technicians, and the most updated methods available.
The result is the highest in industry standard practices for carpet and floor cleaning. In other words, nobody does it safer or more effectively than we do.

When you get certified specialists using quality materials in an attentive and efficient manner, you can expect the best cleaning work to be performed in your home or business.

At Carolina Kwik Dry, we do it the right way every single time.

Steam Clean and Shampoo Your Carpets for a Healthier Home

With kids and pets running around, it’s no wonder that carpets at home get so dirty so quickly. The real problem, though, lies underneath: these surfaces can trap dust, allergens, and other agents on a regular basis, piling up as time goes by.

  • Dust particles — Small, dry, and flaky bits that settle on carpet and furniture.
  • Allergens — Anything that can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Other dangerous air pollutants — Particles that make the air unclean.

Any one of these is a bad thing to have around in high quantities. As a group, they can be incredibly dangerous if left uncleaned.
Thankfully, there is an answer to this rather scary situation. One cleaning service by a professional carpet and floor cleaning company can remove nearly all the dust, dangerous air agents, and other allergenic particles that can cause so many issues at home. Even better, scheduling regular maintenance shampoo and cleaning of your carpet by a professional team will ensure that your carpet stays clean and free from pollutants.

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