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We’ve been serving Columbia and the Midlands of South Carolina for years, working hard every day to provide great service and build a reputation for the highest quality in cleaning and customer satisfaction. Have questions about the best local cleaning service in the area? Get in touch with us today!

In-Home Furniture Cleaning Makes Good Looks Last

Are you terrified of spilling something on your couch? Do you drink wine out of sippy cups just to be safe? Does the thought of having a nice chair around your kids or pets give you nightmares?

You are most certainly not alone. But the good news is even better: our state of the art equipment keeps even the most expensive furniture and upholstery looking brand new for years to come. So, don’t hold back! Live your life! If a spill does happen, you know who to call to restore your home to its pristine look in no time.

Upholstery Cleaning provided by Carolina Kwik Dry

Bring Treasured Antique Furniture Back to Life

Upholstery Cleaning in Columbia SC by CKD

Antique furniture pieces and family heirlooms are timeless and in many cases priceless. These prized possessions stand the test of time, but they can also collect an enormous amount of dust and hard-set grime in the process.

When this happens, a once beautiful and unique piece of furniture can seem to lose its luster, and many people fear that there’s no way to reverse this process. Thankfully, a professional cleaner can breathe new life into your older pieces of furniture and upholstery.

With our special techniques and advanced equipment, your grandmother’s chair will look like it did the day she bought it.

Trust the Highest Standards in Upholstery Cleaning

We want you to be sure that you’re getting the absolute best in quality and service when inviting us into your home for upholstery cleaning. With this in mind, we hold the industry standard stamp of approval from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This means you can have 100% confidence in our work and our ethic:

  • Unrivaled distinction in technological and practical methods.
  • Holding an official certification means we are required to uphold high standards.
  • Every one of our technicians is thoroughly trained and certified.

In other words, we care so much about our service that we have an independent organization review and certify us. A certification from the IICRC means that are able to offer the safest and most effective upholstery cleaning services on the market.

At Carolina Kwik Dry, we seek excellence in all that we do. Family safe, extremely effective, and unmatched in quality.

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