Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

You’ve heard of steam cleaning carpets, rugs and furniture. But have you heard of steaming your tile floors and walls?

At Carolina Kwik Dry, we offer steam cleaning to remove ground-in dirt and mildew in tile and grout. While tile floors seem like they would be easy to clean, grout lines can get very dirty, harboring mold, bacteria and other nasty substances. This is because while they are hard surfaces, they are also porous, and can collect mildew and mold from exposure to water. With steam cleaning from Carolina Kwik Dry, you get tile floors that are clean of organic material as well as dirt.

grout cleaning

There are a number of advantages to getting a deep clean on your tile floors through steam cleaning. Because the process removes harmful substances such as mold, mildew and bacteria, it makes your home environment healthier. Steam cleaning also helps to maintain your tile floors, which lengthens the lifespan of the surface and protects your investment… because tile floors aren’t cheap. It’s also not a process you want to do on your own… proper equipment and the right cleaning chemicals are key, and that is heavily dependent on your type of tile.

Our steam cleaning process is very safe. We use only safe and superior equipment and cleaning solutions. Our technicians also are trained and experience, so you can count on professionalism and a job done right.

To give your tile floors a thorough cleaning, hire the experts at Carolina Kwik Dry. Our family owned and operated company offers tile steam cleaning to clients in Columbia, SC. We strive to do the job right and provide excellent customer service.

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