Commercial Services for All Areas of Your Property

When you need deep cleaning for your business, you don’t want to wait around. We’re going to arrive on-time and be prepared to do everything you need as efficiently as we can.

​Carolina Kwik Dry’s Commercial Services

Customers notice every part of your property, inside and out. Make sure they see a clean business with our maintenance services.

Total Facility Maintenance

You have enough to manage in your facility. Instead of figuring out who to pull away from their regular work to clean, let us clean out every nook and cranny.

Professional Pressure Washing

Exposed to the elements, the exterior of your property will begin to dull before you realize it. We’ll make everything from the roof to the front path look like they were just installed.

High-Level Disinfection Services

Now more than ever, people want to know their health is in good hands. We’ll disinfect your company of major bacterial and viral health concerns.

Janitorial Services

When your business is clean, everyone benefits. Your employees will be more productive, your clientele will be more comfortable, and everyone will be healthier.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is considered a best practice in keeping pollutants from stormwater runoff. If you’re having a big event or noticing the debris pile up on your road or sidewalk, we’ll clean it.

Commercial Freight Services

When you need something transported, you want to know it’s going to arrive in excellent condition. We’ll safely transport bulk goods or freight to cities and states across the Southeast.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Even if you don’t think your business has that much foot traffic, those carpets are getting much more wear and tear than the ones at home. Let us make them look brand new again.

Landscaping Services

Your landscaping communicates what customers should expect when they enter your building. Make sure they expect the best from the moment they lay eyes on your property.

Total Facility Maintenance

Your facility handles dangerous chemicals and heavy machinery. You have to trust that the team who maintains your facility knows what they’re doing. Our janitorial staff are up to the task, with relevant training and experience to prevent hazardous chemical mixes and help keep your business running smoothly.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet fibers are good at harboring germs, dirt, bacteria, and other debris deeper than your vacuum or standard carpet cleaner can reach. A deep commercial carpet cleaning will remove these, plus allergens and more, from not just your carpet, but your air flow. We’ll make your carpets look brand new without interrupting regular business.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Your employees are too busy with the work that’s actually in their job description to need to worry about a cleaning schedule. You don’t need the extra chore of creating a cleaning schedule that doesn’t make anyone say you have a favorite employee. Let Carolina Kwik Dry leave your company as clean as the day you opened on the schedule that works best for you.


Commercial Pressure Washing

Dirt, debris, weather, and other environmental aspects will dull the exterior building and pathways of your property. It’s not just an aesthetic issue. This wears on your concrete and exterior building materials, shortening their lifespan and increasing the need for maintenance. Prevent expensive repairs later with an easy maintenance service now.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Your property’s landscaping is the customer’s first impression. If they think poorly of what they see, it lowers their expectations of your business and may turn them off from visiting completely. Let us manicure your company’s landscaping so it’s not only well maintained, but it gives customers a sense of what you’re all about, too.


Street Sweeping

An easy way to reduce pollution, hazards, and general dirtiness on your street and sidewalk is to have it professionally swept. Any debris will be removed and have a much lower chance of entering the stormwater runoff, and your street and sidewalk will shine with cleanliness. Trip or slip risks will be removed, preventing unnecessary danger to staff and customers.

High-Level Disinfection Services

Employees want to know their health and well-being is cared for, and they want to see the actions taken by their employer to do so. Don’t settle for a mediocre cleaning service if you need a deep clean of every corner of your building. We’ll make your company not only look and smell clean, but we’ll disinfect it of germs, bacteria, allergens, and more.


Commercial Freight Services

Your freight is one of the major keys to the successful function of your company. Make sure it’s transported in a timely and safe manner to cities in states across the Southeast, including S.C., N.C., G.A., T.N., V.A., W.V., A.L., and F.L. Our box trucks carry up to 26,000 pounds and our staff are well-trained, so your goods are in good hands, no matter how large or complex it is.

Long-Lasting Results

Every specialist on our staff has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We’re always up-to-date on industry best practices and the best solutions for your problems, which means our results are going to last.

High Standards for Service

Customer service is always one of our highest priorities. We couldn’t be where we are today without our customers’ satisfaction – many of our new clients come by referral. That’s also why we offer a 100% guarantee on all the work we do.

On-Site Estimate

You know what you need done, and we know what that will take. We’ll come to your property, assess what you need with what that will require, and give you an accurate estimate based on our experience in the industry.

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