Summer Cleaning Ideas and Allergy Checklist for 2019

spring home cleaning
  Annual cleaning isn’t anything new to most of us. Many homeowners will thoroughly clean their homes at least once a year. After that, cleaning typically happens on a “when we need it” basis. But people who really invest their energy into the appearance of their homes will probably follow a twice-yearly cleaning schedule to maintain their home. This helps keep deep stains from taking root and alleviates the presence of odor in the house. But people with allergies know that the gap between spring cleaning and fall cleaning is a time when allergens can slip into the house. Pollens, mold, and bacteria fill the air and don’t really let up until the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season. That’s why more and more people are strategically cleaning their carpet, upholstery, and HVAC during the summer. Here, we’ll talk more about why you’d want to do some summer cleaning this year to give yourself—and your allergies—a break!

Your Primary Focus – Allergens

We’ve heard a lot about spring cleaning, but not so much about summer cleaning. Many folks tend to think that spring is the big season for cleaning, and as such, they let summer sort of slip by. Let us tell you why that is a bad idea. First off, spring allergens don’t stop because of the summer heat. The humidity, the mildew, and the mold can back off during hot, arid summer months. But that is no guarantee. In some areas, humidity never really lets up. Pollen and mold are still common allergens during the summer, and dirt never stops being a problem, no matter what time of year it is. But allergens are a huge problem for those of us who suffer from allergy sensitivities. Those of you who have woken up with headaches, watery eyes, and the dreaded “summer cold” know what we are talking about here.

Summer cleaning can help with that. By having some additional cleaning at the beginning and end of summer, you can mitigate some of the impact of these summer problems.


HVAC Cleaning

First, consider your air circulation.

When the summer begins and ends, change your HVAC filters. Purchase filters from the hardware store that are rated for mold, bacteria, and small pollen. These might cost a bit more than you are used to (much more than, for example, the recycled ones that you can get 3 for $4). If your ductwork is older, make sure that you have your ductwork cleaned too. Professional HVAC companies can get in your ducts, clean them out, and determine if any repairs are needed to keep the air inside your house clean.  

Summer Carpet Cleaning

While cleaning your HVAC system helps keep your indoor air quality clean, having your carpets clean can also help in this regard. When spring is over and the heat of summer rolls in, make sure you get your carpets cleaned. That’s because as spring and summer roll in, several allergens make their way into your carpet, including mold, pollen, and pet hair.

  • Have a professional cleaner do the work. Don’t trust rental tools to get the job done.
  • Have the cleaner use a hot water extraction method. Use a cleaning machine that doesn’t leave the carpet wet for extended periods of time but uses hot water to eliminate organic materials.
  • Keep your carpet and upholstery clean with regular vacuuming.

A steam cleaning at the beginning and end of the summer, coupled with regular vacuuming, can help you double down on allergy reduction in your home.


Upholstery Cleaning

Likewise, any good summer house cleaning will involve upholstery cleaning. Most furniture is in the house because it looks good, or it is an important family heirloom. But old furniture gathers all the allergens mentioned earlier, which means that it serves to lower air quality. Upholstery needs to be part of your summer cleaning schedule. Luckily, most carpet cleaners will also work with upholstery. However, upholstery is a different animal than carpeting, which means that it needs its own specific care. So, you need to clean your upholstery, but you also need specialty cleaning to make sure that it is done right.  

Pro tip: Ask for Help – Summer Cleaning Services

All this cleaning doesn’t have to fall on you as an individual. If you are planning a summer cleaning, then the chances are you are doing it because you have specific needs tied to allergies or other dirt-related issues. And this means that you need a deep cleaning rather than a superficial surface cleaning. Hire professionals to help you. Carpet cleaners, HVAC experts, and even a janitorial or maid service can prove beneficial in that they are paid to actually ensure that the areas they have to clean are cleaned.    

Clean Before and After Summer

If you are seriously considering a summer cleaning, don’t let that take the place of any other annual cleaning you do. For example, if you already have a cleaning schedule for fall and spring, then continue to do those. But add a summer cleaning at the beginning of the summer to help keep allergens at bay. This way, the cleaning isn’t a replacement for another cleaning, but an addition. This will help you and your family keep pollen and dirt out of your home in those key months where allergies are the worst, while also keeping the fibers of your carpet and furniture clean during the winter so they aren’t still hiding allergy-inducing particles. If you fall into the population that suffers from allergies, then seriously consider adding summer cleaning to your schedule.